10 things to know about talented Korean actor Woo Do-hwan

Fans of The King: Eternal Monarch, have you been impressed by Woo Do-hwan’s acting?

Acting as both Jo Eun-seob, the bubbly and carefree public service worker in the Republic of Korea and Jo Yeong, the cold and stoic Captain of the Royal Guard in the Kingdom of Corea, the talented actor has demonstrated his acting chops by portraying these two completely different roles in one drama.

If you have fallen in love with the charming Korean actor, here are 10 things to know about him.

10 things to know about talented Korean actor Woo Do-hwan

1. He gained attention for his role in cult drama Save Me

Do-hwan made his acting debut in 2011 with minor roles in various dramas and gradually worked his way up to bigger roles, gaining some fame.

Eventually, his stand-out performance as a tough guy with a big heart in 2017’s Save Me, a creepy and intense drama about a group of friends trying to save their former classmate from a religious cult, made people sit up and take notice of him.

2. He won an award for his acting

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Woo Do-hwan on tackling two different roles in The King: Eternal Monarch

Woo Do-hwan on tackling two different roles in The King: Eternal Monarch

2017 was a good year for Do-hwan. After starring in the popular Save Me, Do-hwan won the Best New Actor award for his stunning performance as a genius former scam artist in another successful drama series Mad Dog that same year at the 31st KBS Drama Awards.

The drama, about a former police detective leading a team of insurance investigators to reveal insurance fraud cases, also stars veteran actor Yoo Ji Tae and former girl group T-ara member Ryu Hwa Young.

3. His first main lead role was for a romantic drama

After his previous two hard-hitting dramas, Do-hwan switched things up and starred in the romantic melodrama Tempted in 2018 as a chaebol (wealthy heir) who seduces a high-achieving college student who doesn’t believe in love played by girl group Red Velvet’s Joy.

Although reviews for this drama have been mixed, it’s still worth a watch to see Do-hwan in action as a seducer and if you like dramas with good-looking characters.

4. He belongs to an agency owned by a top Hallyu actor

Remember Bae Yoon-joon who acted in the legendary drama Winter Sonata and became a top Hallyu star?

He founded the management agency KEYEAST which houses Do-hwan together with other artists such as period zombie drama Kingdom’s Joo Ji Hoon and former girl group KARA member Kang Ji-young.

5. He majored in performance and film in university

Do-hwan graduated from Dankook University from the School of Performing Acts. Famous alumni from his university include celebrities such as Jang Hyuk, Ha Ji-won, Ji Chang-wook, Jay Park and BIGBANG’s T.O.P.

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6. He co-starred in a movie with Park Seo-joon

For his first major movie role, Do-hwan plays a villain who is a mysterious night-club owner known as the Dark Bishop in action horror film The Divine Fury.

He stands off with Park Seo-joon, a MMA fighter who became disillusioned with religion after suffering the losses of his parents but ends up exorcising demons with an aging Catholic priest.

The two actors became good friends, and they were seen thanking each other for sending food trucks to the Itaewon Class and The King: Eternal Monarch filming locations in their Instagram Stories.

7. He was in an advertisement with BLACKPINK

Do-hwan was chosen to endorse Sprite alongside girl group BLACKPINK because of their trendy images and their appeal to the younger generation.

They shot a 30-second commercial together and it featured Do-hwan cracking open a can of Sprite and gaining access to an exclusive beach party where BLACKPINK are the performers.

8. His parents encouraged him to pursue acting

Unlike typical parents who may prefer their children to have a stable career, Do-hwan’s parents were supportive of his acting career.

In an interview to promote his movie The Divine Fury, he revealed that his childhood dream was to be a pilot, but his parents were the ones who encouraged him to pursue a film course in university.

9. He’s a gentleman when he’s dating

During an interview for the drama Mad Dog, Do-hwan says that he values manners in dating because he will treat every woman he meets as a precious daughter of another man.

He also said that when it comes to relationships, he’s not good at playing hard to get. If he likes a girl, he will just be straight forward and tell her that he likes her.

10. His ideal type is a woman he can communicate well with

As for his ideal type, Do-hwan reveals in the same interview that he likes women who are honest with their feelings and whom he can talk to easily.

He also prefers a woman whom he will miss rather than one he wants to hang out with. To him, it’s nice to go on dates and do things together but how much he misses a person is important because that’s one of the ways he can tell how much he likes her.