How to record any video chat conversation on your smartphone

Doing this on your smartphone is simple, especially if you have an iPhone, where it takes just a few taps.

But before you go recording all your Zoom conversations, there’s a good reason that only written messages and not video conversations are saved on messenger apps: personal privacy.

Whether it’s a professional or private context, many people won’t enjoy the thought of you recording footage of them and you should always check first rather than recording someone without their knowledge – which might even be illegal in your country.

Once that’s cleared up: You need to do some menu diving on your Apple or Android device.

Screen recording on iOS: On iPhones and other iOS devices, there’s already a screen-recording function built in. To turn it on, head to Settings, Control Center, Customize Controls and hit Screen Recording. You’ll then need to go to the Control Center and select the icon with the double circle.

From now on, everything you see on your screen is being recorded to a video file on your device. This includes a video call whenever it starts.

To end the recording, tap on the time highlighted in red in the top left-hand corner of the display and then hit “stop”.

Screen recording on Android: For Android users, screen recording is a bit trickier compared to Apple devices. You’ll first have to install an app that can record what you see on your display.

But don’t worry, you’ll find plenty of decent apps on the Play Store. You’re better off looking for ones with thousands of positive reviews.

You won’t need to install anything if you own a Samsung device made in the past year or so. A screen recording function is hidden in the settings above your notifications on newer devices such as the Galaxy S20 and S10. – dpa