Mothers are the pillar on which the whole world rests. And while they have accepted the role of a silent benefactor, sometimes it all builds up and they have a thing or two to share. We owe it to them to listen.

Jessica Tan shared an honest story, detailing all the things that mothers go through, that are often unnoticed by everyone else. “It’s not just putting food on the table everyday, sleepless nights taking care of the babies. It’s having to cater to everyone else, knowing what they like, and putting everyone else ahead of yourself.”

Coupled with the current state of affairs, Jessica has not had a stable job in months. “I used to work as a waiter in a restaurant, but it closed down during the restrained movement order”. Currently, she has to partake in odd jobs just to make a living and put food on the table for her 5 year old baby.

Jessica with her 5 year old son

But that all changed last month when a stroke of luck turned her life around. “I was online purchasing toilet paper when I saw an advert promising a life changing opportunity. Usually, I just avoid these advertisements because who believes in them right? But for some reason I just decided to try my luck today.”

Little did Jessica know then, that the site she was visiting would change her life forever.

“I made RM 129,000 that day!”, Jessica could barely hide the excitement in her voice. “I finally have time to spend with my baby, and can eat well everyday! I can’t believe the chance I took that day paid off!”

Today, while we are all facing these hardships, Jessica can stay at ease knowing she has made enough to live well for at least the next few years. “After this pandemic is over, I want to take my baby on a vacation to Switzerland and see the snow.”

We wish Jessica all the best for the future! And to everyone struggling out there, please stay well and safe. For more information, please visit this website to learn more about Jessica’s opportunity.